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Dear Tom,
Thanks for your email dated 12/3/1999. I thought it time to reply to your great question. It has been so good to think about all the good music I am currently listening to.

I was reminded of your unanswered message as I read an interview with Charles Foster in Dumbo Feather. Charles spent time living as various animals to explore how humans connect with nature. In the conversation I was reading, Charles was reflecting on how music effects our senses. I think he was trying to suggest that there are some uniquely human traits we have that set us apart from other animals.

It might be part of me spending more time on this planet, but it also feels related to being a parent, but I feel like I respond in a deeper way to music than I ever have. Particularly on an emotional level. It is a combination of the music and the lyrics. There is no one thing I can put my finger on.

While my current high rotation list has a certain feel about it, I think there are some possible outliers lingering.

I have rediscovered Lior after watching a mini doco on his collaboration with Nigel Westlake. Some amazing music.

AB original have produced some great powerful almost old school rap and hip hop. Love the messages. The reworking of Paul Kelly’s Dumb Things is magic…

You may have seen the Mae Trio mentioned in a recent post. The introduction to which is in part thanks to you! Some beautiful melodies and harmonies. Interesting to see what this new chapter will be like for them. Who doesn’t love a good bit of banjo?

Beirut have been on extra high rotation lately as there new album gets a spin. Just a whole lot of brass that gets into the system. The Gibraltar, from the new album is particularly catchy…

Alt J just keep pumping out the hits, even without a bass player!

Paul and Neil – Yep, still do our best to wear out this collaboration. Only drawback to this is that my children aren’t sure who was the original songwriter of these various songs. Deeper Water is a track that really gets to my emotional core…


I was introduced to Admiral Fallow by friends and continue to go back to their debut album. I see they have more since then. I might check them out.

I also find myself hearing quite a bit of the Winter Berries. No surprises. I do rather like the music though. Looking forward to the recordings.

Surprising me, I find myself more often listening to nothing in the car, or walking. Welcoming the silence of my thoughts . Other times, ABC FM often provides a balance between silence and pumping up the hits. Something about the calming qualities of classical.

I’m not sure how I came upon Nils Frahm, but I often have his Solo album in my ears as I sit at the computer. Played on an enormous piano, it is amazing.

Cosi has orchestrated a return to Graceland (he is a huge fan of S&G ;-)). Such a good album.

Something about From Above – a collaboration between Ben Folds and Nick Hornby – that grabs me.

As you know, we are about to head out on a bit of a journey and this island of ours. You may appreciate playlists are going around each of the travellers heads. A challenging task. Although there will be plenty of time to contemplate and discover.

Perhaps some of the above may assist you as you contemplate you new abode while it is raised.

I never managed to visit you in Harrods. I would have liked to.

Yours in tune,


p.s. How cool are these guys? (make sure you stick around for the solo)

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  1. HI Geoff… WOW your off on a huge adventure as a family!! What a life long experience!! Will look forward to hearing your updates. Guess the tent/MBV/caravan will be your mobile home for a while!
    Thank you for sharing the songs, and your love for music. A lot of depth here!!!
    Enjoy the journey!!

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