they’re not doing anything, why should I?

Will the Treasurer and, for that matter, the federal government, ever get it?

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello says there is no point in Australia reducing its greenhouse gas emissions when China and India are such major global polluters.

“There’s no point in Australia meeting its emissions target – and we are on track to do so, and I believe we ought to do so when we’re less than 1 per cent of global emissions – if you’re going to have major emitters such as China and India, which are increasing every year the emissions by more than the total of Australia,”

Which is like saying it is not worth me turning the tap off while I clean my teeth because industry uses heaps of water anyway…my little bit is just isn’t worth doing.

your little bit

Does today’s announcement of the Victorian government’s approval of the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere, mean that all our problems are over? Not according to the ACF. At least the state government seems to be a little more switched on than their federal conterparts. Even with the recent announcement of a huge (biggest in the world) solar power station to be built near Mildura, the fed’s just don’t see the point.

Geoffles recently pointed out an article on the difficulties of “pitching” environmental concerns. While I agree many of the population are self-interested, I would argue that we are also currently very materialistic. It may come down to purely economic arguments to get the plebs and the powerbrokers to take action.

In the meantime, here is an economic argument everyone can understand… Did you know you could save as much as $100 a year by turning your electrical appliances off at the powerpoint?